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Our Natural Care Approach

At Dark Silk Australia we believe in one simple concept - that every personal care product should be safe and healthy for the user. All personal care product ingredients must be thoroughly evaluated to make sure that they are not harmful even after their long-term use, and they must be beneficial for the users.

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Our Story

Dark Silk is a 100% Australian company

Dark Silk Hair Wash is a 100% natural hair wash product

Our enthusiasm for developing new and totally natural personal care products is driven by our desire to care for our customer and for our environment.

We are located in Moorabbin, Australia, in the industrial centre of the state of Victoria, just 15km from the Melbourne city centre

100% Natural Plant Hair Wash Product

Keep your Hair's natural pigment and healthy scalp.

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Golden Silk Oil

(Golden Camellia Oil)

Golden Silk Oil  is best for repairing skin tissue, replenishing  skin sebum and retaining  skin moisture. Make face tissues soft, plump and young. Read more

Lama Red (Burgundy) Bath Salt

Dark Burgundy Lama Bath Salt for Healthy Skin and Wellbeing. Bring Mineral Spa to Your Home.   Read more

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