Dark Silk Hair Wash Products

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Our Natural Hair Care Products Approach

Dark Silk, a 100% natural Hair Wash products, is a totally new concept for hair care. Dark Silk is.

· No preservatives
· No fragrances – natural scent only
· No artificial colours
· No manmade chemicals at all
· 100%natural
· Totally Organic, Totally Natural, totally Effective
· No need to use hair conditioner after Dark Silk Hair Wash

Dark Silk is a 100%natural hair wash product. It is made entirely from plants - no man-made chemicals are either added to Dark Silk or are even used at any production stage

Why You Need Dark Silk Hair Wash

Due to fast life style, work pressure, improper diet or other factors, modern people ‘s hair often suffers these or other problems like following symptoms:

  1. Your hair becomes oily very soon after your last hair wash?  Increasing your hair wash frequency is eventually causing your hair getting oily even faster?
  2. Your hair is losing its natural strength, shine and elasticity, turning dull, dry and difficult to manage, as if affected by electrostatic force?
  3. Your hair turn to thinner and thinner, your hair volume is decreasing, you see a lot of hair loss on the basin after you have hair washing or on the pillow when you get up in the morning. (Say more then 40 hair loss every time).
  4.  Your hair is fast losing its natural pigment prematurely while at the same time getting thinner and weaker?
  5. Itchy scalp, dandruff or even skin damage?
  6. Turn to Grey early.

For all above the symptoms, using the Dark Silk as your hair wash paste can very affectively reduce and heal your hair problems

How to Use Dark Silk to Wash Your Hair

Unlike Conventional Shampoo, Dark Silk is form of Dry Herb Powder.

There is two ways to use Dark Silk Wash Powder:

  • directly apply the powder to hair with the "Shifter Kit"
  • make paste first, then apply to hair as same as shampoo
  • for detail Please read Method1, Method2 or following picture

Dark Silk Hair Wash Classic Pack

e 200g  20g * 10 Sachets

Dark Silk Hair Wash Handy Pack

e 100g  20g * 5 Sachets

Stainless Themal Jag and Bottle with Pump


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