Lama Burgundy Red Bath Salt

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Lama Red Bath Salt Story

A totally original and unique Red Bath Salt. With the colour similar to that the Lama Robe, this salt was once used exclusively by top ranking Lamas.

Lama Red Bath Salt is perfect for sore muscles and joints. When fatigued, it will reinvigorate the body and detox the tissues.

Used for centuries in treatment of Eczema, Psoriasis and skin inflammations. Lama Red Bath Salt helps in keratin recovery for better skin. 
Lama Red Bath Salt comes from deep below the ancient high altitude lakes created in a huge collision of India and Eurasia plates.


Lama Red Salt for Your Health

Due to the most pristine and mineral-rich ecosystem at the time of its formation, Lama Red Salt is pure and potent. In antiquity it was used in healing and purification rituals, the preserves of hierarchy. Lama Red Salt's unique content is an imprint of the primeval sea. Its distinct colour comes from many water-soluble minerals absent in modern salts.

Adding a handful of Lama Red Salt into your bath will ionize the water into a potent detoxifier and deep-cleanser. It will remove wastes from skin pores by bonding them to its ions.

Natural sulphur, along with other minerals in Lama Red Salt can help in recovery of keratin for healthier skin, while its natural selenium and zinc are known anti-inflammants for tissues and joints.

When fatigued, Lama Red Salt will bring a natural mineral spa into your home. Soak yourself into the Salt bath. Inhale its natural mineral spring vapours, relax, let your worries melt away. You will soon recover your energy, silky-smooth skin complexion and feather-light body.

Lama Red Bath Salt is totally natural and without additives. It does not need any artificial "enhancements" it is totally effective directly from our mother nature.

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