Golden Silk Oil (Golden Camellia Oil) for Skin Care

Golden Camellia

Golden camellia oil contains 93% unsaturated plant fat vitamin A, B, C and D, β-carotene, polyphenols, proteins, Sequlence and other substances.

Golden Camellia has such good ability to cure our skin and help our skin in young and health in our lifetime.

We summary up the Golden Silk  Oil benefits for our skin as following:

  1. Natural content, similar with skin sebum content, very easy absorb by skin, help renew skin cell, for anti-age. Golden silk Oil is best and effective; most people will experience their skin improvement after the regular apply the Golden Silk Oil in one or two weeks.
  2. Dramatically change the rough and winkled skin, make skin turn to smooth, reduce the pore and skin turns to elastic, not dry.
  3. Particular good for the sensitive skin,
  1. Soft and remove the acne and the black scar head (blocked and dark point above the skin), which cause long time acne infection on the face skin. The reason is polyphenols in Golden Camellia oil is a very good antioxidizing substance; it can remove the scar dead cell recovering.
  2. Because of wonderful skin repair function, it suitable for eczema, bed sore and crack skin as well.
  3. Using on lips and other soft tissue, soft lips winkles, make lips soft, moisture and shiny.

Golden Silk Oil is not chemical based cosmetic product; it is totally natural and nutrition. It provides the natural sebum, which is necessary for our skin and our skin like it.

Many women suffer “cosmetic syndrome” from overusing chemical cosmetic product and overusing cleansing products, their skin is very thin with the capillary vessel on the surface (eroding by the surfactant, retard by preservatives, blocked by deposit of artificial colour, fragrance, mineral oil and mineral powder), their face skin is so weak to cover the tissue.

Because of surface skin damage, their face is sensitive of any sunshine and most of face cream, it is red and painful. By use Golden Silk Oil, the skin immediately get sooth and comfortable. The Golden Silk Oil form the natural sebum to protect the surface and the natural contents like vitamin A, B, C and D, β-carotene, is best to help skin cell repair.

By using Golden Camellia Oil for our daily skin look after, we can avoid the face cream. As we know face cream is totally manufactured in man made chemical way. Face cream contains:

  1. Water,
  2. Oil (mineral oil is often used for cheap price and stable for long shelf life),
  3. Surfactant to mix oil and water together to cream shape. Surfactant is the oil remover, it could solve our skin natural fat and tissue fat away, make our skin aged early.
  4. Preservative and artificial fragrance for shelf life and cover the unpleasant smell. These chemicals are retarding our skin cell and make the cell metabolism slow. Remember if preservative retard bacteria DNA, it retards our skin DNA as well.

By the way, after people apply the Golden silk Oil as the daily moisturizer, he or she can also apply Pearl Silk Powder for natural make up to get better skin tone and detail skin structure.

Golden Camellia Oil plus Pearl Silk Powder for totally natural make up is most healthy way and it is starting popular in the world now.

Golden Silk Oil – Women's best friend

Golden Silk Oil is 100% natural skin care product. It contains 100% Golden Camellia flower Oil. The Golden Camellia with golden flowers is very rare, found only  in warm and hilly areas. Mainly in wild and small patch scatted in semi-tropical area. Total numbers of trees in the world estimated may be not over 50,000 trees.

Oil extract from Golden Camellia Flower is light subtle green tone and light texture, when apply it on the skin, it is just easy absorb and naturally melt with our skin, no film left, no yellow tone, no oily or stick feeling. It is secret for Japeneis women to keep their skin tender soft and plumb for decades..

Golden Silk Oil – For your face, hair, nail, body and many others...

  • for face care as facial cream. to avoid chemical substance.
  • for body skin,
  • daily apply on nail to protect nail,
  • general lubrication for body.
  • for hair to avoid dry hair.
  • Many others.