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Dark Silk - 100% Natural Hair Wash

Made entirely from plants, all Dark Silk ingredients are extracted from wild GMO-free Plants. Totally Organic.

Dark Silk 100% Natural Hair Wash is created for people who demand totally natural personal care products free of man-made chemicals, fragrances, colours, preservatives, etc.  Dark Silk leaves your hair silky-smooth, soft and full of body. Hair conditioner is not necessary with Dark Silk. It is ideal for people suffering hair loss, oily hair, early greying and itchy scalp. Detail.....

Golden Silk Oil from Golden Camellia Flower

Golden Silk Oil from Golden Camellia Flower    
with natural vitamin E
100% natural moisturizer for best absorption, nutrition and protection.  Detail.....

Deep Burgundy Red Lama Bath Salt

A totally original and unique Red Bath Salt. With the colour similar to that of the Lama Robe, this Salt was once used exclusively by top ranking lamas.

Lama Red Bath Salt is perfect for sore muscles and joints. When fatigued, it will reinvigorate the body and detox the tissues. Detail.....

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